Hand Painted Double Glass Framed Dragonflies picture
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Hand painted Double Glass Framed Dragonflies picture hand crafted

Uniquely designed hand painted double glass dragonflies created at Two Girls Treasure! This series of paintings were designed as two dimensional glass images - background colors on one piece of glass; images on the other. The glass is pressed together and framed with a hand cut, custom wooden frame. No two images in this series are alike! Place in a window for a stained glass look or on the wall for a completely unique complement to your home decor!

Purchase in person at Two Girls Treasure in Florence SC or online for immediate shipping! This item is shipped free within the USA!

Approximate dimensions: 13.5" x 7.5"

This item is completely hand crafted and has unique characteristics as a result. Each piece is individually crafted and there are no two alike. There are slight imperfections because it was perfectly crafted by humans who would not be considered artists in the industry. But are some of the happiest workers you may have ever met!

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Hand Painted Double Glass Framed Dragonflies picture

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