DIY Spring Wall Decor with IOD Stamps, Transfers, and Ink

When the world begins to wake up and nature decorates for Spring, bring some of that blossoming beauty into your home decor! Here’s a tutorial for inspiration to create beautiful DIY Wall Decor to match the riot of color happening outside.

Or you might decide to leave it up year-round!

It started with a scratched-up, cheap, black plastic frame and plain card stock. But it blossomed with a few easy steps.

You can watch the edited video as I create Spring Wall Decor with IOD Stamps, Transfers, and Inks combined with Rethunk Junk Paint.

Or read on for the full list of supplies I used and detailed instructions. I’ve added some timestamps so you can refer to the video if you need to.



Look at all the amazing Iron Orchid Designs Decor Transfers and pick a floral you love - and the same goes for IOD Stamps, Inks, and Rethunk Junk Paint colors. It’s your springtime - create what you love.


Do you have an old frame to recycle for this project? If not, time to do some digging at the Dollar Store or your favorite thrift store. Some inexpensive frames are actually made of plastic which is totally fine! Rethunk Junk Paint adheres to plastic perfectly.

Your first step is to carefully take the frame apart. You may want to wear gloves to avoid scratches from the edge of the glass and use a little painter’s tape if there are rough edges. 

Next, take the card stock and lay it in place of the glass so you can make a pencil mark where the paper is too large. Now run your fingernail around the two edges of the frame to mark a line where you will trim the card stock down to fit. (Minute 0:44) 

Cut the card stock along the lines you created with your fingernail and lay it into the frame to make sure it fits the opening. Once you’re satisfied with the size, it’s time to prep the frame for painting. (1:57) 

I use Rethunk Junk Paint “Prep” and spray it on the entire frame surface. Prep is a liquid sanding agent (no mess!), a deglosser, and an adhesion promoter. Once you’ve wiped it down, you’re ready to paint the frame.

I’m painting Rethunk Junk Paint in Clover Field which is bright emerald green. I apply one coat to all sides of the frame and hit the edges too, and then set it aside to let the first coat dry. Plan on putting one more coat on and you can choose another color to blend or stay with the Clover Field.

Step 2: Plan Out the Design + Start Stamping

I chose the IOD Queen Bee Stamp and a rosebud from the IOD Wallflower Transfer for my composition. Before I apply them to the card stock, I stop to pick out the letters I’ll use to stamp “bloom” to the top of the picture. (4:45)

I’ve placed the rosebud in the center of the paper approximately where I want it so I can lay out the typography and get the letters spaced correctly. Pro Tip: when you have duplicate letters in a word, choose another letter that is similar in size to use for proper spacing of the word. (I’ve used C to sub for the second O.)

Once I lay the letters across the top of the page, I work with their spacing to get it just right, moving the letters down from the top edge to accommodate the frame. (5:56) The next step is to place the sticky part of the letter stamps onto the acetate sheet so the word is exactly as you planned.

Now I’m ready to use the IOD Decor Ink. Remember, with card stock, the color of the ink will vary because the paper will absorb some of the ink.

I’m starting with the ink colors of New Grass and Oceans Deep, by creating a small line of New Grass on the acetate sheet and laying in a couple of drops of Oceans Deep. When I roll the brayer into the ink, it creates a beautiful pattern with the colors. (6:44)

Roll the brayer into the blended ink a couple of times and then roll it across your letter stamps. (7:32) I go over the letters carefully in two directions, layering the ink onto the stamp. Pick up the acetate sheet, hover to align the word where you want it placed and carefully lay it down, and lightly press down on the card stock.

Next, I take the O to reuse and roll on more ink before placing it into the space created by the spacer letter C. (8:48) All the letters have a slightly distressed look where the ink was absorbed (or not) that I just love.

STEP 3: Blooming with Flowers and Bees

As you’ll see in the video, I choose the elements of my composition as I’m creating. I was focusing on birds - until I saw the bee from the IOD Queen Bee stamp and knew it was perfect for my wall art piece.

I’m adding the bee to the rosebud, from the IOD Wallflower Transfer, using the masking technique. Masking is how you cover up a stamp so that any other colors or transfers added on top of them won’t muddy your first impression. Here’s where you learn how to do it!

I start by stamping the bee on with IOD decor ink in Turmeric. Once it’s dried a little (doesn’t take much time) I lay a paper version of the stamped bee on top of it. You can create your own paper version by following these directions:

Creating a Mask

Use the stamp on plain paper (card stock works fine) and then cut the design out with scissors. Get as close as possible to the lines from the stamp so it covers the stamped version on your project exactly. Watch the complete explanation and process starting at 10:33.

STEP 4: Layering Your Composition

Lay the mask on top of the bee and place the rosebud slightly overlapping the mask so the bee image stays clean. Use a transfer stick (included with every IOD Decor Transfer) to rub the transfer onto the card stock. Once applied, slowly work the bee mask out from under the transfer. 

Don’t worry about losing a little of the rosebud when removing the mask. I use Rethunk Junk Paint in Ruby Red and Wild Berry to fill in with a small brush. 

To complete my composition, I use a cluster of small flowers from the IOD Birds, Branches, and Blossoms stamp. I stamp those using the same blended blue/green ink combo as the “bloom” to create balance in my composition. You could also use a sanding block to create more of a distressed look across the stamp and the transfer. 

But play with your creation! It’s your springtime and your wall decor, so play with the colors, stamps, and transfers to your hearts’ delight! Now that you’ve learned a few techniques, use them and be open to what happens as part of the creative process.

Don’t forget to apply the next coat of paint to your frame. When you’re satisfied with the results, reassemble the frame with the artwork. One last thing - snap a picture and share it over on Two Girls Treasure Facebook page. See you there!

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